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Just checking [Feb. 17th, 2011|04:03 pm]
Reading in Wonderland


[Current Mood |curiouscurious]

Hello, is everything okay in here? I've been really busy with family and work and such. I just now realized there never was a discussion post or new books for February. Is everything all right, or have I totally missed something? (Which by the way is totally possible. I have no problem whatsoever with being called out on something.)

Everyone okay?

[User Picture]From: tap_aparecium
2011-02-18 07:27 pm (UTC)
For the most part there was only two of us discussing/participating (valca85 and I and for awhile temporaryworlds) which got boring. I suggested to her that maybe people were simply forgetting to come back and check the discussion posts put up for the monthly reads, so she made an announcement to the community that people could make new posts to post their thoughts on the books. No one ever did besides her and I. I know people get busy and life happens but it's no fun to be part of a book club with only two active participants. If there are other people who would like to keep this going and participate now she might not mind starting it back up if someone wants to message her.
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